Nasdaq is telling the world alternative real estate investing strategies are a win.

Do you see the irony in Nasdaq promoting alternative investment strategies? Learn how to empower yourself and invest in your retirement through investing in real estate in your Self Directed IRA. See why brokers have been neglecting to tell you about a strategy that has been in place since 1974. Don't trust the volatile and fluctuating stock market with your hard earned retirement money.

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for Self-Directed IRA Investors

  • Buying

    We're one of the largest bulk buyers of real estate in the nation. We're able to buy at prices that individuals can't get. This ensure's we're able to pass the savings down to our investors, putting real estate in your portfolio at record low pricing!

  • Vacancy

    Our properties have pre-screened, quality tenants already in-place. This translates to immediate cash returns from day 1. We back our product 100% If your property, for any reason becomes vacant, Growth Equity Group pays for the vacant time until we have new, screened tenants in place.

  • Financing Approved

    We've secured Non-Recourse Financing on all of our inventory. That means you're qualified to buy today without the hassle of needing a credit check. That's right, our properties are backed by big banks that have a long reputation of securing asset-based loans on our inventory.

  • 24/7

    We provide 24/7 Property Management on all our properties and access to our custom software, GEGManager giving you full reporting on your investments. Sit back and relax. This is a true passive investment. Login to your account to watch the profit start building.

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Growth Equity Group has been featured on countless media outlets including Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, MarketWired, and more. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the real estate market and forging a new path in the Self-Directed IRA Real Estate investment space.

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The right path down successful passive investing is easy.

Growth Equity Group’s industry experts are your real estate investing partners. Learn the value of a truly self-directed account and how your IRA can benefit from deeded, cash-flowing real estate in your IRA. From consultation to contract, Growth Equity Group ensures the seamless acquisition of high-yield properties to maximize investors’ returns.

Pioneers and Innovators in the Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Market

Growth Equity Group is a real estate investment company specializing in residential income-producing properties in select U.S. markets for individual investors. Growth Equity Group makes investing in real estate easy by offering inventory, non-recourse financing and management services.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois Growth Equity Group is backed by more than 25 years of experience and over $150MM in residential real estate transactions.

By leveraging expertise, resources and relationships, GEG pushes the traditional market approach to provide superior market analysis, development, financing, asset management, and disposition of residential real estate throughout the U.S. Growth Equity Group structures investments with a high-yield, low-risk approach in a complete solution we call “The GEG Solution”. This allows us to continue to facilitate all the moving parts on a day to day basis, while providing investors with an attractive income producing real estate alternative to their portfolios.

Growth Equity Group focuses on buying real estate in BULK in the United States. The firm is constantly exploring and analyzing real estate markets throughout the United States, identifying emerging and re-emerging markets that are prime for rapid growth. Taking the quality over quantity approach, and utilizing a strict due diligence process, the investment properties Growth Equity Group offers investors are located in desirable regions with strong local economies poised for significant upside.

Down to the core with Growth Equity Group

  • Your Evaluator
    Your Evaluator

    Locating an emerging market that offers large opportunities for returns is the most important and time consuming component of successful real estate investing. Growth Equity Group conducts extensive research analyzes a number of indicators when acquiring properties.

  • Financing
    Your Lender

    We source non-recourse financing on all of our assets and gain pre-approval from lenders prior to offering properties for investment. We have established relationships with a variety of lenders over the past seven years and have built a respected reputation allowing us to access non-recourse financing for all of our investors.

  • Your Management
    Your management

    We secure qualified tenants bound to annual leases before offering our properties for investment. We are affiliated with top-tier local property management companies so investors can rest easy while their real estate is maintained and rented without a hitch.

  • Your Partner
    Your Partner

    We diversify our investors' overall portfolios by guiding them to take advantage of self-directing their IRAs. With Growth Equity Group's leverage and bulk buying power, investors are able to purchase real estate assets below market and even further below replacement costs.


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Growth Equity Group makes real estate investing seamless and immediately profitable.

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Follow Charlie through his journey to build a financial future.

Having passive real estate in your portfolio can change the way your portfolio performs. Even if you have no knowledge of retirement accounts, real estate or your IRA, Growth Equity Group is here to help educate, consult and put the tools in your hands needed to succeed!

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for Self-Directed IRA Investors