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Interested in possible careers available at Growth Equity Group and associated benefits? As we continue to grow and succeed, we are always on the lookout for talented candidates.

Who are we?

Growth Equity Group is a nationwide real estate investment firm providing investors with the ability to hold deeded real estate within their retirement portfolios through self directed IRAs. We focus on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction by being the only real estate investment firm in the nation to make investing in real estate within a retirement account as simple and easy to manage as investing in a stock. You won’t find another investment firm out there that has been able to achieve the same level of innovation and customer satisfaction while delivering the best real estate options for its investors. From our intense market research to the award winning technology we have developed in house with our talented team, we have successfully closed over 400 million dollars in residential real estate transactions and 150 million in self directed IRA real estate transactions.

Why chose Growth Equity Group?

Teamwork Environment

Our company culture allows for individuality and freedom to contribute to the big picture of the company’s success. We always encourage our diverse sales force and marketing team to work together and utilize each other’s unique professional experience to better our process of serving our investors and helping them achieve their retirement goals.

Investment Sales and Financial Services

Because of the nature of our industry we highly encourage our employees to be pro-active when it comes to their knowledge and education on self-directed IRAs. Because of the relatively unknown nature of self-directed IRAs, new ideas to help promote our means and methods are always welcomed. With our top-notch relationships with banks specializing in self-direction we are able to offer free consultant services to our investors as they work with our sales team.

Professional Development

Any and all associates are given the opportunity to enhance their career through the participation in hosting educational webinars, engaging in public speaking opportunities, meeting potential investors at trade shows and more.

Ability to control your own success

As seasoned investing professionals, our associates are given all the materials and resources necessary to be successful, the option of taking action and utilizing these resources to capitalize on your career is yours! We believe in rewarding those who have an entrepreneurial mindset and the drive to exceed expectations. With our company’s success we are looking for talented individuals who have what it takes to be part of our great future.

Senior Sales Associate Position

Key Responsibilities

• Lead Calling: potential real estate investors.
• Building Relationships: building rapport and trust over the phone.
• Lead Generation: developing a referral based business.
• Networking: with potential investors and strategic partners.
• Organization: managing relationships through a CRM system.
• Time-Management: responsible for each step of the sales process.
• Negotiating: large individuals investments from buyers.
• Education: on a complex sell in a competitive market.

Why work for Growth Equity Group

1. Entrepreneurial culture-control your own success without any ceiling on your potential
2. Compensation structure and benefits that rewards performance
3. Ongoing investment in your career development including travel and speaking opportunities
4. Opportunity for growth with a promote from with in culture
5. Strong company’s values, goals and ethics
6. Team Building Activities
7. Always be heard: We welcome your ideas and encourage questions
8. Be part of a team of passionate and driven individuals
9. A rewarding career helping investors obtain their financial goals. Work that matters!
10. Fast Growing Company-Expanding and ready to hire and promote individuals looking for rapid upward growth

“Our mission is to empower people to move beyond status quo and achieve their goals by creating the best possible investment experience using the GEG Solution.


About GEG

Growth Equity Group is headquartered in Chicago, IL and founded by the creators of a revolutionary retirement investment strategy. Using real estate and finance as a way to accelerate and increase returns for its clients utilizing the “GEG Solution”. Our mission is to empower people to move beyond status quo and achieve their goals by creating the best possible investment experience using our solution. Backed by over 30 years of experience, over 400MM in residential real estate transactions, 14 states, and 40 cities across the country this company has truly changed the way thousands of clients look at retirement investment and planning for their families future.


Dedication drives our Success.

2015 was a great year for our clients. Watch The GEG Review and follow our journey through education and helping clients achieve passive investment success.

Growth Equity Group rings Nasdaq closing bell February 22nd, 2016

Nasdaq is telling the world, alternative real estate investing strategies are a win.

Do you see the irony in Nasdaq promoting alternative investment strategies? Learn how to empower yourself and invest in your retirement through investing in Self-Directed IRA Retirement Real Estate Investing. See why brokers have been neglecting to tell you about a strategy that has been in place since 1974. Don’t trust the volatile and fluctuating stock market with your hard earned retirement money.

Watch us on Fox Business 360.

Growth Equity Group has been featured on countless media outlets including Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, MarketWired, and more. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the real estate market and forging a new path in the Self-Directed IRA Retirement Real Estate Investing space.

Are you ready to learn more about Self-Directed IRA real estate investing?